SOLTANY Training & Consulting

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A bit about me

The idea is to establish a business which is durable, effective and also efficient. Existing consulting companies usually operate in only one direction, but STC will take a new path. We are building on the dual pillars of effectiveness and efficiency with a view to offering stable and high-quality advice. Because only if both pillars are optimally put into practice can long-lasting improvement for clients and a stable basis for our company be created.

Effectiveness is built up from clear and unambiguous goals which are not only achievable but also palpable and measurable. Efficiency, on the other hand, concerns how much performance is hidden away in a company and how this potential can be used in a more efficient manner. This is the path to stable, robust and high-quality advice from Soltany Training & Consulting, or STC. 

Here are a few pieces of key information about me

1995 – 1999
Production Specialist 

1999 – 2001
Water Pump Production Shift Leader

2001 – 2005
Member of the MPS-Team (Daimler Berlin)

2005 – 2007
Change Management & Project Manager (Daimler Berlin)

2007 – 2009
Trainer and Project Manager for Festo Didaktic GmbH & Co. KG

2009 – 2014
Owner of Soltany Training & Consulting

2014 – 2017
Managing Director of SYNCRO EXPERTS GmbH & CO KG

2017 – heute
Start-up as the owner of Soltany Training & Consulting

Education and Training 


‘Mittlere Reife’ School Leaving Certificate (Berlin)

1995 – 1999 

Graduation as a specialist industrial mechanic from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Daimler)

2001 – 2005 

Qualification as a mechanical engineering technician (Euro Ing. für Technik, Berlin)